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How Promoting Education Can Help The Country ?

Education involves learning throughout the lifetime of an individual. At each and every stage and every day of our lives, we seek something new that helps us survive a little better than the day before. Hence, providing education to all the sections of the society is highly important in aiding and improving the living status of the citizens of a country. While the Indian Parliament lists the right to education to each and every person irrespective of caste, religion or creed of a person as an important aspect in the progress of the nation, there are still millions in the country fighting for their rights to receive education.

By promoting the education of a country, the Government is reducing the risk of poverty which is a major problem in many parts of India. Even though poverty can be alleviated through other means, the right way to do it is through providing education which will last throughout the lifetime of an individual and can be a means of survival. It is said that if you educate a woman, you are educating a whole family. By understanding the concepts of family planning, the women can put a control over the overpopulation which is one of the major reasons for poverty in the country.

Role Of NGOs in Improving Education In The Country 

Image That Shows Education Text Written In A Student Background.The Society Registration Act established in 1860 allows charitable societies to be registered as NGOs for the purpose of social benefit like education, employment, health,etc. This has promoted the need for NGOs in the society for contributing and improving education in India. Every individual should have access to education to ensure that they can pursue their desired careers and live a life of their choice and preference. Not only does education provide equal opportunity of living, it also brings about national progress by improving the contribution of society to the country.

Current issues that our country is facing like the high unemployment rates, debts, low GDP, etc can be solved by uplifting the poor through education and ensuring their employment. There are many NGOs who have acquired Society Registration with the objective of uplifting education in the country. These NGOs prefer to uplift the society and alleviate the poverty and unemployment in the country by contributing to the education of the illiterate, kids, women and the elderly.

Examples Of NGOs With Education As Objective

The following are some of the examples of NGOs that are working towards improving education :-

Child Empowerment International

Child Empowerment International is an NGO that focuses on war affected regions to provide healthcare and education to the kids living as refugees in concentration camps and such.They have built up schools for these children in the refugee centres or wherever they are residing as a means of providing education to them. CEI is famous for its contribution in helping kids come out of PTS or Post Traumatic Stress brought about by war and violence.

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project has the objective of helping the men and women residing in rural areas by educating and making them self sustainable and independent in overcoming poverty and hunger. They are widely spread around Asia, Latin America and Africa and has an innovative approach to societal issues.

New Futures Organization

This is a charity based NGO with its centre in Cambodia. They aim at improving the educational and social livingEducate Girls For Their Better Future. status of young citizens within the local areas. Since10 years, they have successfully integrated homeless kids into schools and their communities and acts as a support group for the same.

Room To Read

The vision of Room To Read Society is to provide each and every kid with quality education that will help them explore their potential to the fullest and hence be contributors to their society.They mainly focus on improving literacy and promoting gender equality in education in poor countries. This is done by incorporating reading habits in children from a very young age and making girls be prepared for further education and career by developing life skills in them.

Khan Academy

This academy provides online educational videos, practice questions and exercise for online learners in educating themselves at their own level and promoting outside classroom education.Every subject including science, history, art, commerce, programming, etc, are taught using technology aided medium from kindergarten to college levels.

These are only a few of the NGOs that work for educational objectives. There are many more NGOs in India that are registered under the Society Registration Act for the purpose of improving education.

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